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The first generation (KJ) Jeep Liberty, a compact 4-door SUV. Sold in both 2WD and 4WD configurations.

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Transmission shift cable removal

Working on a 2003 Jeep Liberty Sport 3.7 liter 4x4.

I believe the shift cable is either stuck or broken somewhere because it will not allow me to change gears. I tried moving the cable by hand inside the vehicle and it won’t budge. I try to move shifter and it will move but the the metal part inside cable isn’t moving. I got under the vehicle and can move the shift lever by hand and the metal part inside the cable is moving but it won’t move at the shifter

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My inside 4x4 manual shifter is moving up an back will not go in 4 wheel drive no reason at all like cable is not their


All an it's a 2007 jeep liberty4by4


Does the dash have to be removed to take out shift cable plate ?


How 2 repair tha cable on gear shift


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@bejm1 see if this helps




(1) The floor shifter lever and gate positions should be in alignment with all transmission PARK, NEUTRAL, and gear detent positions.

(2) Engine starts must be possible with floor shift lever in PARK or NEUTRAL gate positions only. Engine starts must not be possible in any other gear position.

(3) With floor shift lever handle push-button not depressed and lever in:

(a) PARK position - Apply forward force on center of handle and remove pressure. Engine starts must be possible.

(b) PARK position - Apply rearward force on center of handle and remove pressure. Engine starts must be possible.

(c) NEUTRAL position - Normal position. Engine starts must be possible.

(d) NEUTRAL position - Engine running and brakes applied, apply forward force on center of shift handle. Transmission shall not be able to shift from NEUTRAL to REVERSE.


(1) Shift transmission into PARK.

(2) Raise vehicle.

(3) Remove the shift cable eyelet from the transmission manual shift lever (Fig. 159).

(4) Remove shift cable from the cable support bracket.

Block Image

(5) Lower vehicle.

(6) Remove necessary console parts for access to shift lever assembly and shift cable. (Refer to 23 -


(7) Disconnect cable at shift lever and shifter assembly bracket (Fig. 160).

Block Image

(8) Remove the nuts holding the shift cable seal plate to the floor pan (Fig. 161).

Block Image

(9) Pull cable through floor panel opening.

(10) Remove shift cable from vehicle.

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Thank you for the reply but the gear shifter will not move into any gear im assuming because cable is stuck or something. My other problem is trying to get cable off of shift lever and out of bracket at transmission. I tried prying it off of the lever but its not working. Not sure how it comes out of the bracket


My 2002 jeep liberty had a drive shaft twist off and it knocked the cable off the shifter lever on the transfer case... I put it back on and couldn't figure out what held it onto the shift lever... First I thought it was a circlip or a snap ring looking at it with a mirror and light it looks like one of those spring clips that is fastened right on the cable assembly when pushing it on I think it snaps into a grove on the shaft...Looking at the break down drawing it shows where it has to go ,but, if there was some kind of a snap ring it should show it on the drawing that is why I think it just pushes on...I may have to take the shift lever and cable bracket off and pull it down where a person can get a good look at it... Chuck


I think I have the same problem on my friend’s 03 Jeep Liberty Sport, jeep (and lever?) stuck in reverse. These pictures should be more than enough to help me. Thank you. Plastic bushings available Dorman part # 14055.


The transmission selector cable on my 2007 Liberty popped off inside of the counsel after being hard to move for several weeks and not allowing to start in park. I live in damp rust belt and vehicle has become a backup, not being driven daily so the cable has not been used much.

Does the seal plate get removed from inside the cabin or outside on the firewall?

Do you have to remove the entire counsel to get the cable out?

I was able to lube the cable from under the vehicle and inside of the shift counsel and now it is moving better and able to go back into park and start in park which was the issue.

Not sure if replacing the cable is worth the effort? Does it take a lot of time and effort to remove and replace this cable?

=== Update (10/26/2021) ===

I bought the new transmission cable at the Chrysler dealer for $120.00, not a horrible price but the replacement seems to be a bear. Also the bracket on the transmission that holds the cable is rust belt rusty and I am not clear on the cable removal from the bracket from either end. I wish someone had a video on youtube on this replacement.


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