Smart desk failure error 301

“Smart desk error 301” thats what I got after trying to reinstall the AMD Catalyst for my Hp pavilion dv6 6090ee laptop as I was having a problem with the performance specially in games like league of legends like slowing down, lagging and overheating, I was installing the amd driver when suddenly the screen went black while the laptop was running and then it froze, I forced the shutdown and when I started it again I got this message “smart disk error due to imminent etc.” and i couldnt start my windows even after trying to reset my pc windows by an option in windows 10 but in vain, the windows starts but very slowly and givesgives hi me unknown harddesk error and cant display anything other than the recycle bin , I also ran a check on the hard drive in the diagnostics partition at the start of the windows but it instantly gives me that the hard desk test has failed and smart check failed , I looked it up and I get that happens due to a problem in my hard desk but, cant it be anything else related to software since it happened while I was installing the amd driver which I wasnt sure if it was the right driver for my laptop or not at the time ???

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A smart disk error has occurred on my laptop when I tried to back it up. I continued gathering my data and tried to format the drive then do a recovery. It started but then just gave up. Was lucky to gather my data by running it on another desktop before it died, Remove and put in a desktop temp and get your data if it lasts long enough. I would say you doing an install was the final blow, uninstalling the old driver then re installing a new version worked it hard enough to show up your failing drive.

If I am wrong, good for you.



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