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The Mondo GDI-IRC6000, released in 2011 by Grace Digital, provides a combination speaker platform for both online radio streaming and digital audio playback.

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Connecting to internet via hotspot on iPhone

Hi, the place I work at doesnt allow us to use wifi so I use 4G LTE on my iPhone. I’m trying to connect my radio through the hotspot option on my iPhone but it doesnt connect? The network shows up and I put in the password but doesnt connect to it.

I tried with a family members phone. Used a samsung with the same 4G LTE network and its hotspot. The radio connected just fine with it and I had internet.

So is it just an iPhone problem? I dont really want to get another phone or hotspot device just to have it connect to it. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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My bet: Authentication protocol used on iPhone isn’t supported by your radio player. Try to connect without password set up or with WEP protocol (it’s an older one, loses to WPA2 in terms of safety).

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