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Home button not working? Does it need Logic board soldering? iPhone 7


Bought the iPhone used and the home button did not work at all, but I did manage to get to work (Don't ask how) but then stopped working, It is as if the phone doesn't know the home button is there!

Took it down to my local repair shop and they tried a new screen no luck. They then soldered a new connector on the home button itself but still no luck. But now when the home button is connected the phone goes into a bootloop. They told me that the home button itself is just gone. I contacted a few other places and they said that the Touch ID connector on the logic board needs replacing, is this true ? or would it be a waste of time.

Thank you!!

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Maybe a defective home button, ifixit has a repair one


If the home button didn't work, then you got it to work, then it stopped working again, "don't ask how you got it to work" is kind of the opposite thing that needs to happen there.

Soldering a new connector on the home button is very delicate work; most shops will simply replace the home button assembly as a unit. Are you sure that's what they did? Also note that replacing the home button will disable Touch ID; the home button is keyed to the motherboard so replacing it will break that association.

Without knowing exactly what your phone has gone through, any attempt at diagnosis here is going to be little more than a guess.


i have an iphone 7(no home button no touch id functionallity) i checked all this 4 signals an all four are present but after 1 2 seconds all missing. on an working iphone this four signals stay there in 'on state' i checked input of u3801(4 pins no power enable) and input is 4.2v everything fine but no output after 1-2 seconds.maybe that chip is broken and because no output there,all voltages remains just turs off.sorry for my bad english,any advice are welcome !!!


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The iPhone 7 Home Button can be repaired under certain circumstances. Without seeing your HB flex though, it’s impossible for me to say if yours is one of them. You also can’t replace the HB as the ones that are being sold are for cosmetic purposes only…they fill the hole in the screen, that’s all.

If the HB flex can’t be repaired, then the only other option is having Apple replace the screen and button. They can program a new button. However, if you phone shows signs of work and has a replacement screen, they can refuse the repair.

EDIT 2019/01/27

There is a new solution being marketed by UnionRepair (I am not affiliated with them). This consists of a replacement Home Button that gives you “click/return” function but not TouchID. Full Disclosure - I have not tried this myself yet but if you have a damaged HB and do not wish to or cannot go to an Apple Store, this could be an interesting solution.

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Hi, There is a replacement available for Damaged Iphone 7 - 7 Plus - 8 & 8 Plus Home buttons

It requires the replacing of the original Charging port & Flex with an aftermarket modified Charging port & Flex

The modification allows the installation of a aftermarket Home button

Both the flex & button are included within the kit

The replacement will operate the “Return to Home function” but will not facilitate the “Touch ID facility” essentially the same as the Iphone 5’s & Iphone 6’s with replacement Home buttons..All the functionality but no “Touch ID”

This is achieved essentially by replacing the Iphone 7’s & 8’s button (which are effectively Electronic sensors) with a old style mechanical Button (Internally) Similar to the older Iphone 5’s & 6’s… Cosmetically once they are fitted the new replacements are identical to the newer Iphone 7’s & 8’s style buttons…. The replacement Buttons have the “Click” when pressed unlike the Iphone 7 & 8 Buttons

I repair phones Professionally & before finding these replacement Kits have dreaded the Home button repairs for both the Iphone 7’s & 8’s

They are ordinarily damaged (innocently) by the Iphone owners attempting to replace their own screens & tearing the Home Button flexes (often not enough to be seen by the naked eye, but enough for a tiny Data line to be broken)

Thankfully this Kit allow’s both owners & shops to remedy a big issue caused by the non functionality of the Home button

There is a small issue to be aware of, That is because of the replacement Flex modification the “Headphone via the Lightening to 3.5mm Jack adaptor” doesn’t work? Bluetooth headphones will still work OK though

Block Image

Back of a modified Home Button

Block Image

Front of a modified Home Button

Block Image

Back of an original Home Button

Block Image

Front of an original Home Button

Block Image

Modified Charge Port & Flex

Block Image

Original Charge port & Flex

Block Image

Back of the Board connector Modified Home Button

Block Image

Front of the Board connector Modified Home Button

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Thanks for sharing this. There is a new Home Button solution on the market, currently available at Union Repair (not affiliated) that appears to do away with the limitations of the solution you link. Full Disclosure, I haven't tried it yet but if it works, this would be a much simpler "solution". It only offers the click function, not TouchID.


Thanks Minho, it is the Union repair V2 that has these limitations I believe?

I Purchase my Kits from ReplaceBase (UK Based) because it is more time efficient than the shipping involved for Union repair. It is my understanding that ReplaceBase source their Kits from Union Repair & the limitations are listed on the ReplaceBase website


I think the version that you maybe referring to is the straightforward Home button replacement?? apparently from what I have read the feed back is an issue regarding this swap hence the V2?

Its good to know that the infamous Apple "flytrap" Home button issue is being addressed

Big thumbs up to everyone involved in the resolution of this headache


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Anyone tried beating down China pricing on refurb (reflash) boards with home button via Alibaba or AliExpress?

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