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LG Treasure Smartphone Model Number: LGL52VL Release date: April 2016

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charging port repair / replacement

can the charging port placedof my lgl52vl be repaired and / or replaced?

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Your LG Treasure charger port is absolutely repairable. However, this unfortunately is not a Do It Yourself job until you have significant experience with soldering. Additionally, even if you have-soldered larger electronics, cell phone PCB's requires a lot more care to prep before board rework so that you do not damage other components.

A quick eBay search for “l52vl charger port" shows that it is easy to get yourself a new microUSB for around $5. For the amount of work involved $50 would probably be a fair price for repair from a local repair shop. Now neighborhoods with higher rent and shops with more experienced technicians and better tools may charge more money. I think $50 is an average price but in my neighborhood I would probably quote $60. Soldering work is one category where the quality you get is often what you pay for. But if someone quotes you $100 for this job they are trying to rip you off or they are outsourcing: mailing your phone to another shop for the repair.

Please take the time to search the reviews of your local shops if there are a lot of options. Do not go to the person that quotes a price much below average. Do not go to anyone who will give you less than a 3 month warranty. Note that if the really good shop in town tells you $50, then you go to the guy the says he can do it for $30, the first shop may turn around and quote $100 after the cheapo guy causes additional damage. When one unqualified technicians fails at a 45 minute job, it can mean 1-4 hours of extra work for the second technician who has to clean up their mess.

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Very Good advice. thanks


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