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A game console released in North America by the Nintendo Company in 1985, called the Nintendo Entertainment System, model NES-001.

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Blue screen after powering up NES

I recently found a dusty old NES, controller and some games (score!). The power light was blinking when i hooked it up, so i took it apart and cleaned it (and also disabled the 10NES chip). Put it back together, cleaned the game cartridges and hooked it all up. Now the power light is solid red, but the TV screen is a solid blue/purple color. I connected the NES to my TV via an AV Cable RF Box. Do I need a different kind of connector, or is it something else wrong with a component in the system itself? thanks in advance!

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Take a cotton swab and some medical isopropyl alcohol. If you have the option not to dip the cotton swab into the container, don’t do that, but I have still had decent results with doing so after drying a touch. Run the q-tip along the contacts of the game you are having the blue screen error with and you should see the tip turn golden or black because these carts had 30+ years to accumulate dirt. Finish cleaning both sides and dry with anything but your breath or you can just choose to oxidize the cart. It’s your choice, your game.

If option ^1 doesn’t do it for you, I’d go find a long Philips 1 screwdriver and prepare to spend 20min-1hr opening up your console so that you may depress the contacts on your NES. This can be achieved by using a thin yet sturdy fork to pull the contacts in your loader pins out towards you with as little malformation to the pins as possible. You may use the alcohol soaked q-tip method here as well in case your pins received a thorough enough dirt bath from your games.

These methods fixed every problem I’ve had and I’ve gone through all of the color codes. If you have any more questions, I would appreciate if we create a running dialogue for any others reading so that this ends up being the last post on the site about the blue error code. Have a good day and I wish you luck with your almost new plastic box.

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