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Die Apple Watch Series 1 ist eine Überarbeitung der ursprünglichen Apple Watch, sie wurde am 7. September 2016 angekündigt. Die meisten Teile sind die gleichen wie bei der Series 2

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Black half circle on upper screen

There is a small half circle in the upper part of the watch screen that is blacking out everything beneath it. It’s approximately 1/2-3/4” across. Do I need to replace the screen?

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Others have experienced this same issue, but there has been no definitive answer as of yet so we really don’t know where the defect is. Personally I would contact Apple, get to a senior advisor to try to find out exactly where the issue is emanating from before buying any parts.


Your issue seems to be this one:


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Yes, it does sound like you’ll need a new display.

Update (12/17/2018)

@mayer - I’ve given up fixing the Apple Watches.

Christine is yours the same location as this vid Mayer offers a link to? If it is then the Taptic engine sits just under the display at that location. Do you often have the Taptic firing off? If so it could be overheating the display at that location.

Block Image

In any case it will still need a new display.

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@danj I took one good look at the watches and said no thanks on repairing them


@mayer - Just not economical, given the availabily & cost of good parts.


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