The Roomba Red 4100 is a vacuum cleaner robot produced by iRobot that can clean a room all on its own.

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will not turn on

charges, turns green,but will not turn and run

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your solution did not work. I am reading up on performing diagnostic tests, thank you


with all the negative comments about the roomba i can honestly say it suckssss. went out on the market without any real testing done to it , its good at vacuuming your money out of your wallet.


Also bought a new battery and charged it via the AC connection as well as the dock. Still gives 4 tone signal but light turns green quickly


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Norma Spreeman, start off by resetting your Roomba

1) Turn Roomba over on its back

2) remove battery

3) turn Roomba back over

4) press and hold power button for 5 seconds (no lights will)

5) Turn Roomba over on its back

6) Reinstall battery

7) Allow Roomba to recharge for 16 hours uninterrupted (even if power lights indicate it's charged sooner)

The service manual is available here. Here is a great site that will show you how to perform diagnostic tests on your Roomba. Hope this helps. Good Luck.

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thanks it worked roomba is 2 week old only but glad not need to send it back to amazon


did not work


So you tried the above things and it has not worked? What did the diagnostics show you? What else have you tried? After all, it has been almost a year that you visited this question.....


Can you please post a working link to the maintenance manual and troubleshooting pages? The links above don't work.


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