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The Nokia N95 is a smartphone produced by Nokia as part of their Nseries line of portable devices.

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Screen doesn't turn on, but backlight and keypad lights up.

I've had an N95 for several years as a backup cell phone, and recently when I turned it on, the display wouldn't come on. The backlight was on and the keypad was on, but the screen was just black. Anyone have any suggestions? Would replacing the screen fix the problem?

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check that with the sim you are able to call or talk to someone then you have to change the flex. most of the time is the flex only but sometimes lcd damaged . do one thing first disamble the phone and try to do remove the flex and reseated if works then good otherwise change it ...

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The display uses a ZIFF connector. Sometimes opening it removing the flex and Re-insterting it should do it. Corrosion is also an issue so check there has been no moisture damage

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There are 4 screws on the Slide - remove them.

Open the front cover with a device that wont mark the cover (eg.plasic)

The Zero Insertion Force or ZIFF connector will be most likely orange in colour.

It is located underneath the Black Keypad Sheet.

Open the ziff - the top of a pen helps without stressing the flex

Slide the flex out and back and then close the connector.


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