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Do I really need to download iTunes just to restore my iPad?

I did not forget my passcode or something, but my iPad suddenly disabled and it said connect to iTunes. It was not connected to Wi-Fi, so I worried at first and i’ve researched on how to restore it and all the results I found needed iTunes, I tried installing it but my laptop’s storage is full (my laptop is stupid for having unnecessary applications and I also have a big file that wouldn’t uninstall no matter what I do). Is there any other way to restore it without installing anything? Is there an online version of iTunes that can restore my iPad? Please kindly help :)

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As far as I am aware the only way to restore an Apple device that has been disabled by entering an incorrect passcode numerous times is to connect it to iTunes. If for whatever reason you can not install iTunes on your computer you can use another computer or even pop into an Apple store and use one of their display models to restore your phone.

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To add to this...

iTunes needs to be using your account as the iPad needs to see the same account is in use.

This is where you may need to recover your Apple ID account if you've forgotten your Apple ID user name and/or password you used.


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