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My laptop is not turning on. It just showing repairing hard disk

My laptop is not working. When i turn on it just shows repairing and goes to login page and just stuck there. Even if i type the password it ask again to type password. My laptop is idapad z510.

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Did you drop your laptop recently?


No i havent dropped it. But there is a problem if the laptop is charging if i move the laptop it just turns off with a sound


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You could try removing the HDD from the laptop and inserting it in another computer as a storage drive to try and get your data from the HDD before the drive completely fails.

There is a lot of information online how to do this. Here’s just one example.

To remove the HDD from your laptop, here’s a link to the service manual for your laptop. Scroll to p.46 to view the necessary pre-requisite steps and then the procedure to remove the HDD.

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I will definitely try this.


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Hi there, it seems to me as there is corruption in the hard drive, have you dropped it recently? or has the hard drive been impacted with some sort of force?

In this case you may need to replace the hard drive.

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what about the data and os


As jayeff suggested, try using the hard drive in your laptop in another laptop, if the other laptop boots fine with the hard drive from your laptop, it indicates there is an issue with the laptop itself.


Hi @jtblck ,

The host computer will boot OK as the "faulty" 2nd HDD is not part of the boot process. It is just additional hardware

You can't substitute the HDD in a host computer with the "faulty" HDD as the OS on the "faulty" HDD is configured for the motherboard hardware that it was originally connected to and it won't boot as there are too many differences unless it was an identical computer. (if this is what you mean)

You can however connect the "faulty" HDD as a 2nd HDD in another computer and then boot using the existing installed HDD and check if the 2nd HDD is detected, mounted and readable in the computer.


Huh, I've used other hard drive in other laptops like I mentioned before, and it seems to work well every time for me. But thanks, you learn something new every time. :)


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