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Released May 2012, identified by model number J2011-03-US.

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Alternative pairing mode for big jambox


Does anyone know how to get the Big JamBox in pairing mode without the pairing button. I know theres a shortcut with a combination of buttons but can’t remember.

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Did you ever find the solution to this ? I know exactly what you're talking about but can't remember the button sequence !


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Yes, Press the J button 7-10 times in a row very fast.

On the last press, hold it down until the power button starts blinking red and orange

Hope it helps!

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Thank you MUCH! It worked for me as well with the 7 presses and the hold!......Paulina (Oakland)


Thank you so much, the sync button was not working!


this is the onyl thing i found after 45 min of looking that actually helped and worked first try!! thank you so much


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I was sooo hopeful but sadly no, this has not worked. All other suggestions most welcome! I do not want to give up on this device!

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Worked for me with 7 presses and the hold. Thanks cause my button disappeared!


Worked for me today. Well happy this dinosaur lives to fight another day.


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The 7-10 pushes with a hold ultimately worked for me on 11/25/2021. Feeling thankful ?

initially it wasn’t working but after I turned it off and on it worked in first try.

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