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The DMC-TZ35 is a digital camera with a 20x optical zoom in a slop pocket-size profile, and full HD Video in AVCHD and MP4 Format. It was released in around 2013.

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Screen not working after connection to PC

Hi, I connected my TZ70 to my PC and downloaded pictures to the hard drive and then disconnected the cmaera from the PC without powering down the camera. SInce then, the display screen on the Camera does not work normally - it displays the “turn off cmera to charge” messagee when connecting the camera to the PC but stays reolutely black when in either “take picture” or “show picture” mode. Any ideas?

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Reading the manual helped. It seems that the “live” disconnection had changed the state of one of the commands in the set up menu. Set up > Eye Sensor > LVF Monitor Switch had moved from Auto to Monitor. Simples!

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