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The second generation (KK) Jeep Liberty, a compact 4-door SUV that restored the classic sharp lines of the original Jeep styling.

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Where is the actuator located

I need to replace my blend door actuator so my heat will work. Ive asked mechanics and the all tell me that the dash has to be removed but youtube tells me its on the driver side and can be replaced with out removing dash..please tell me this is true

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heater blowing cold air

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The actuator that controls heat/cooling is located in the area just above the driver's right foot. To access, pull down the panel below the steering wheel, then slide it to the left. It will come off. Then you can see the actuator. There are two. The lower actuator controls the heat/cooling. It has two t20 screws. Very easy to access, remove, replace. The upper actuator controls the direction of airflow (feet, face, defrost). It's upper screw is more difficult to access.

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Pls the circulation and A/c light is not coming up in my liberty Jeep 2008 what could be the problem


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