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VStar issue please help

I have a 2000 Yamaha VStar 650. I can’t get it to turn over. We have tested everything electrically and found a few things so we replaced the ECU, spark coils, spark plugs, combo relay, inspected stator, tested stator according to manual. Compression was great. Output from the stator was in spec. The trigger wire from coil to ECU has continuity and no grounds.

We are getting weak spark in front cylinder and no spark in the rear cylinder.

Pulse coil has been checked and according to the manual is good.

Probed wire harness as per manual and everything tested good. Killswitch, key switch and kick stand switch we’re all tested and found to be good but we even bypassed them from the circuit.

We have no more hair on our heads now and need help! Lol please!

Thank you Brett Hodsden

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As a Yamaha Dealer Mech. of 46 yrs. I’ve replaced many, many pulser coils. Check the resistance of the coil at the rear of the tank (Removed). It is a small white multi connection w/ 2 wires (black & gray). Should be approx. 200 ohms unplugged. Not the ECU. & Not the Ignition Coils.

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Pulse coil tested 12.5k ohms but when testing it live it puts out a voltage of 1.3volts.

When tested per the manual, it looks to be ok but when testing it the way you suggest it fails. We’re going to replace it and see what we get. Let’s hope this works! Peace and I’ll respond again once we replace it. If you have any other ideas, please let us know thank you


Brett, I'm a retired Yam. mech. so I don't have a book to look it up. But I know for sure If your unplugging the Blk/Gray pulser lead at the back of the tank & reading the pulser wire coming up from the motor (not the wiring harness), That resistance should not be more than 300 ohms at the most. So I know that if your on the correct meter scale & your reading 12.5 K ohms, No doubt ---It's BAD. See what your manual says But I believe my memory it's about 200 ~ 250.


Robert, is it possible to use a newer VStar 650 pickup coil in place of the pre-2004 pickup? The price is $100+ vs $25. It seems you could clip and leave the old pickup wires with the sealing grommets in place, and route the wires for the newer model through a new hole then seal it, or or through an enlarged hole in the old grommet.

I've replaced 2 of these, on my 3rd. Looking for a cheaper fix.

Thank you if you're able to reply



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Brett, how did you get on in sourcing a pickup coil? I have a ‘97 DragStar Custom but see all the adverts for 98-2003. I have googled using the Yamaha part code (4TR8167000) and found that the same part has been fitted to bikes from 97 through till 2006. So it appears to me that it is pretty much the same spec. Have not fitted one yet hence my question.

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