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PS4 1215A still has issues even after playing my game successfully onc

My PS4 1215A had issues for more than half a year maybe longer. One day last year it stopped working. It didn't accept discs or eject any that may have been inside the drive. It kept making repetitive noises that sounded like it was rolling out a disc that wasn't there so I waited a good while before fixing it. After this last week I spotted a cheap repair tool kit from Amazon specifically for my ps4 & I bought it. It came in earlier today & I was able to get to my disc drive. I discovered a blu-ray with another item on top of it. There was a disc with stencils for nails ( you can probably figure out why). After I just reassembled my system to be able to accept discs but not he able to read them. I watched videos on repairing again as I did prior to fixing it the first time & noticed the part attached to the ejector (if it's not that then it's along the wifi antenna to the back on top of the corner of the disc drive) may have had the screws mixed up & that might have contributed to the problem. I double checked the drive as well as anything else to see that it was normal. I replaced the screws back into their normal places & every part was in its place as well. I play my system & it took my game disc in successfully & it was able to read it. I got in a half hour session to reward myself for fixing it after all this time only to have it with the original problem again. I reset the system & it still does this. Sorry this was long but I really wonder if I need to replace anything.

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While there’s really no way for me to know for sure without being able to see it and test it I’d check the connection between the disc drive eject button (the metal piece on the inside) and the copper pad on the disc drive board. I’d also double check to make sure that the large flat ribbon cable that goes from the motherboard to the disc drive is in good condition and doesn’t have any of the ears torn off of the ends that go into the connectors.

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