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Veröffentlicht am 21. September 2018. Modelle A1921, A2101, A2102, A2104. Erhältlich als GSM oder CDMA / eSIM oder dual-SIM / 64, 256 oder 512 GB / Silber, Gold oder Space Grau (Ausgesprochen "iPhone 10s.")

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iPhone XS max Beyond Economical Warranty

My iPhone xs max in working condition. But, a small issue showing FaceID disabled

I contacted Apple Care. I gave my working phone to Apple Care now they are saying liquid damage. No repair, no exchange! They say its beyond economical warranty

What should I do? It’s in working condition.

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Mach dein iPhone so gut wie neu mit unseren Fix Kits.

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1 Antwort

First: Are they lying that you had water damaged it or not. Because if you did why on earth would you have brought it to them. Now they have it on file that you own a water damaged iPhone XS Max. Meaning you can’t just fix it yourself since they will know you did that. Not good bud.

Second: FaceID even TouchID is very finicky and relies on a lot of handshaking with Apple to say “yup we're good (secure) and ready to work (no external interference)” Meaning it's real hard to repair properly. Without losing functionality entirely.

So no if you broke the FaceID because you stupidly put it in water then it's a lost cause. Hard lesson to learn but now you will learn it.

It’s a 1000+ device I don’t care if it’s in a double ziploc bag. It isn’t safe and isn’t waterproof.

Best treat an expensive device as so next time kid.

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