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Water Damage Switch Pro Controller

I spilled a full cup of water on my pro controller and I was unable to get the battery out because of a stripped screw. I eventually drilled and extracted the screw, but the controller shorted. I opened it completely and cleaned out the corrosion; however, I still am unable to get a response from the controller.

Because the controller was new, the battery was new. Water did not penetrate to far into the controller and a few drops entered around the type-c charging port. The only part I was unable to clean is the charging port.

I am looking for a recommendation basically on how to proceed to get the controller operational.

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Well I tried to remove the stinky smell of my (Fake) switch controller and I washed it with water and soap and then I shacked the controller and It was feeling wet and it was drifting (ALOT) when I tried to reconnected and the light of the controller stopped lighting the controller was VER.Y wet and I have NOT opened apart any devices at all.


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Remove the battery. Completely Submerge the controller in isopropyl or ethyl alcohol. If you can scrub the charge port with a toothbrush that’s good. Let it dry for at least 24 hours or until there is no alcohol remaining at all. You can accelerate this process with an air gun or canned air. As long as it’s completely dry you can put the battery back in and power it on.

I’ve had this technique work on multiple laptops and a Nintendo DS in my shop. Hopefully it works for you too. Good luck.

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Hello, I recently had this issue and I came across this answer on google, should I remove the motherboard before soaking? Or should I take only the battery out and leave it closed and then soak it in alcohol? I got some water into it through the joysticks and it hasn't been working for an entire day. Anything helps, ty.


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