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The Chrysler 300 was designed as a modern interpretation of the Chrysler C-300, featuring a large grille, long hood and low roofline that was prominent on those vehicles.

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My car will not turn over and has power to everything and key works

My car worked fine i drove it for several months I have had 0 problems out of it other than the thermostat housing busting wich has been replaced and previously driven after replaced with no problems. i went to start my car after getting off of work and arriving at home shortly after going outside and my car had power to everything and key is fine but my car would not turn over it use to make a humming sound when i turned the key but no longer does and does nothing but still has power im lost as !&&* i really could use some professional experience help on figuring out how to get my car running again i am very much assuming that it is a minor easy technical issue dealing with either my key or my computer in my car iv checked my fuses and iv checked my started to the best of my stature. please someone. I have a cellphone also if i could have someone 1 on 1 help me id be very greatful. i need my ride to drive again and theres not relly anything VERY OBVIOUSLY wrong with it please. thanks. its 2006 chrystler 300 3.7

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Start by checking the connections at the battery see if you can twist either one . if you can move them they need to be tightened . Are they corroded if so clean them with water and baking soda. follow the ground wire down to the frame or motor and make sure you have a good clean connection there . Check the positive connection at the starter see that its tight . If you have access to a multi meter test the battery it should be 12.6+ . with the multi meter attached to the battery crank the motor If theres nothing and the voltage drops of abruptly it can be a bad ground or a dead cell in the battery. Start with this and let us know how it goes from there . Hope this helps

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From what you described it sounds like just a dead battery. You’ll need a multimeter to test it. It should be around 12.6 volts. Let me know how that goes and I can guide you from there.

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