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Guides and repair information for Eureka vacuums.

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bearing for HEPA motor? need P.N#?

i have a Eureka 5187, its HEPA motor is 28060A-1, the commutator side bearing failed,,, can any one tell me if the part is available?? websites say the motor is N/A??

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Vacuum motor bearings fail from all the grease leaking out and dust getting into them.

There is an Eureka Victory Whirlwind Motor P# 60625-4 on EBay right now fro $25 which I think would be the way to go. That said if you want to try and fix what you have then read on.

You will need to remove the armature from the body of the motor. Without seeing it I can’t tell you how to do that. The bearings quite often are a slip fit and if you use a little oil the bearing may come right off. Otherwise get a cheap bearing /gear puller at a hardware / autoparts store and use it to pull the failed bearing off. Once you have the bearing off get a magnifying glass and a good light and read the part number off the seal on the bearing. Look for a bearing and seal distributor near you or order the part on line . It will be less than $10 dollars. Those bearings are called sealed ball bearings and work right out of the box.

To install the bearing find a piece of tubing or a deep socket that will slip over the shaft and contact only the inner race of the bearing. Do not apply force to the outer race because that may leave dents which will greatly reduce the life of the bearing.

I could write a whole other answer on the types of screw heads you find in small appliances. You may run into slot head, Phillips head, or Torx. You may run into 1/4 , 5/16, 7,8,9,10 mm bolts or nuts. You will only find out how to take it apart by doing it. Try not to lose any of the screws. I use an egg carton to put small parts in when I take stuff apart.

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wow,, that was a great answer! thanks.. the only thing left on the bearing , was the outer and inner race, and a couple of bearings. no seal was left. i will look at the motor on Ebay and decide. Thanks alot.


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