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Released January 2010, identified by model number CHW-12. The Cuisinart has both a coffee maker and a hot water dispenser for tea.

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Hot water system alternates between water ready and add water

The hot water system on my Cuisinart started acting up about a week ago. I will fill the water reservoir and it will continue to blink add water, even when full. It’s only when I dispense water and it is almost empty that the light that says water is ready comes on and starts heating. I did do a descale, and now the water ready and the add water just blink back and forth continually. Has anyone else experienced this problem?

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As of today Cuisinart has replaced my model: CHW-12 (under warranty) two times. I’m now on my third machine. If your machine is still under the 12 month manufactures warranty, I suggest you call them and request a replacement. The last time I did, all Cuisinart customer service wanted was to verify that the appliance was still under registered warranty. Once verified they gave me the return info (only send the appliance cord not the entire machine) and in a couple of weeks they sent a new machine. If you have to go this route be sure to register the replacement machine. I’ve now done this twice. Hopefully this time the new machine they recently sent to me will last longer than six months. I hope this is some help, good luck.

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