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Refrigerators produced by Samsung.

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No ice cubes from dispenser.

I have a side by side Samsung refrigerator. The ice maker is making ice but cannot retrieve any ice cubes in dispenser. There are lot of crushed ice in the auger case assembly. I was able to get most of it out and clear all around the auger. But still no ice cubes coming from dispenser. what is the problem?

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There isn't much out there to help with this problem. I get ice cubes in the bucket. But, the chute is packed with crushed ice even though I never select it. I can clear the packed chute but it just fills back up with packed crushed ice. I feel like the crushed ice feature is stuck on or a gear is partially engaged. I cannot get crushed ice either but the chute is packed with it. Very, very frustrating.


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Hello Barb. Your side by side doors or “French Doors” have the water/ice dispenser located on the outside of the door? If s,. there has been a lot of complaints to SamSung about the water inlet valve defective and/or insufficient pressure to let water flow through. If there is a switch near the dispenser or up under where the ice is dispensed, or inside the freezer compartment “crushed or cubed” selector. If not, there is a class action suit for anyone experiencing problems with the built-in door ice maker. Water leaks, noisy fan, ice build up… etc. SamSung new about the defective ice makers, but decided not to recall, but leave it up to the customer to foot the repair costs. At https://www.classaction.org/samsung refrigerator icemakerlawsuit, see if yours is one. Wish I had a better answer for you.

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There is a small black (might be white) reset button on the top right of the ice maker as you are looking at it. Depress that with a finger until you hear the chime. Ice maker is now reset and should start.

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