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My Microphone doesnt stay up

Hello guys! i have a sennheiser g4me 360 and i love it. it works great but the one problem is that the mic doesnt stay up where i want it to be. the arm is kinda lame and it falls down if i move my head just a tiny bit

can anybody please help me?

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Hey @stekkerbox! Is there a screw that holds the mic in place? If there is, it could be loose. If there aren’t any screws you can see, you may have to take it apart and figure out what is supposed to keep the mic arm tensioned. It looks like some gaming headsets keep their mic arm tension screws just under the ear cushions, so it might not be too hard to access.

Good luck, I hope this helps!

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Thank you so much! You helped me fix it!

It was pretty easy! Just some screws and now its like it was before!

Thank youuu! <333


I'm so glad! Happy gaming!


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