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The Samsung Galaxy On5, model number SM-G550T1, is carried and sold by Metro PCS cell phone service. Released in November of 2015.

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Water Damaged Samsung Camera Flash Flashing After Isopropyl cleaning

Ok so I reccieved this phone as water damaged and when I dismantled it, I put the motherboard into a plate of isopropl alcohol and scrubbed it with a toothbrush and let it sit for some time. Soon, I let it all dry for a little and dried it with a hairdryer on the cold setting and when I put it back together, the camera flash keeps flickering on and off at varying intensities but there is nothing on the screen. This only happens when plugged in and not only on battery. However, with the camera flash flashing, there is nothing on screen. What else can I do?

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Hi @jimmysofat6864 ,

Did you disconnect the camera modules and also any other flex cable connection and clean the cable ends as well with IPA when you placed the systemboard in IPA?


Yes, I disconnected all the flex cables and connections and cleaned them. Its worth noting that the led is soldered on the board and not able to be separated. I cleaned all flex cables and connectors.


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I took off the shields and gave them a deep scrub and let them dry and now it turns on now.

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