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Samsung Series 5 3G Chromebook. This laptop has a 12.1" Super Bright high-resolution, non-glare display ideal for web browsing.

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Where's Developer Mode Switch?

The Developer mode switch is supposed

to be in the battery compartment or

behind a removable panel.

It's a very important feature and you

don't mention it all. where is it

located at?

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mine was a device that had no switch near the sim , instead it was inside the small hole in the case to the right of the power button


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The dev switch is accessable without opening the device. It is on the right hand side of the device behind the SIM slot cover.

Edit: You can see it right below the SIM slot on the Step 14 teardown picture.

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I Have a chrome book and have looked behind the panel where it is supposed to be and there is not a switch there, the hole is but there is not a switch to use?

Any ideas?


robert clench, did you confirm this by checking the image of the teardown?


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From what I've read, the developer switch is only on the CR-48 (Prototype/Developer Chromebook) It isn't found on retail models.

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Not according to what's stated in here. http://goo.gl/b2Fl2

Shell access is only available in Dev mode, if it's not included, a lot of people are going to be angry.


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The Dev Switch Is On The Right Side Of The Unit, Where The Sim Card Slot Is Located, It's A Switch That Can Be Toggled With A Pin (Paper Clip) Or The Tip Of A Pen.

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So you are confirming what "no way" answered in June of 2011 correctly. Good Job ;-)


Wow apparently so , I guess that's what happens when you don't bother to read all posts. My apologies.


Yup, happens all the time ;-)


how do u use the switch


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