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Die Apple Watch Series 1 ist eine Überarbeitung der ursprünglichen Apple Watch, sie wurde am 7. September 2016 angekündigt. Die meisten Teile sind die gleichen wie bei der Series 2

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New screen issues on Apple Watch series 1

I purchased an Apple Watch with a broken screen, screen still worked but was shatter severely. I ordered a new screen off eBay and replaced it, the new screen has no touch at all it will not let me use my password or anything. Plug in the broken screen, no problems with touch works fine. Would this be a faulty screen, or is there something you have to do with new screens?

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It’s a faulty screen. As a rule of thumb, I never order any replacement screen off eBay or Amazon. Though others may have luck, I stick to top suppliers such as iFixit, Mobile Sentrix, Mobile Defenders and Injured Gadgets to name a few.

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Brian, thank you for your reply, I looked online for some time to find a spot with descent prices and did not come across these sites for some reason. I will use these sites over eBay here out, thanks again!


You're welcome. I've had good luck with the ones I've listed. The biggest plus is they have great customer service in case you need to return an item.


After 3 junk eBay screens that would not work at all, the 1st screen from injured gadgets was an instant success... thanks again!!!


Good to hear. Thanks for the update.


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We use Mobile Sentrix and Injured Gadgets. Can’t go wrong with their return policies.

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I have a series 2 42 stainless that needs a new screen... is there anywhere reliable that I could get a good condition used one at a good deal? $130 roughly for a new one is crazy


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