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Repair and disassembly guides for the tenth generation Ford Thunderbird.

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Why is my sony not coming on?

Why is my sony radio not coming on?

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Presumably you’re asking about the radio in a Ford Thunderbird, is this correct?

What is the year model of your vehicle?

Have you checked if fuse #11 in the engine bay fuse block is OK?

Here’s a link to a Ford Thunderbird owner manual showing the fuse allocations in the engine bay.

This link shows the location of the engine bay fuse block

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If your bird came with JBL system, you will have to rewire all 4 speakers direct to your Sony. I found out the hard way when I installed a Blaupunkt in my T-bird Factory speaker are routed thru the JBL amp. The Ford JBL systems were great when they worked, but a real pain when they quit. It took me the better part of an 8 hour day to accomplice this. Remove the door and rear side panels was not fun, but the results are worth it because my 28 year old JBL speakers still sound great!

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