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Please answer this question

So I just had this argument with my boyfriend's older brother. He is about 30 years old super lazy and really dirty. And today I come in too see a slow cooker on top of the stove on right next to the burner. So I looked at my boyfriend and said well that's not safe.. as usual he gets right defensive and says it's not going to melt… our stovetop is old the burners get extremely hot even after leaving them for a while and he has the slow cooker cord 2 inches from the burner… now I usually don't cook often but I clearly use my bloody head…. Would the cords not catch fire and spark and probably start a fire or am I crazy?

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Hi @aprilgiddings76 ,

Just so we’re on the same page. This is an electric slow cooker sitting on top of a gas stove top, is this correct?

Were the stove top burners on at the time?

If not then even if they were still hot, the cord from the slow cooker would most probably only get warm as the burner would be in the process of cooling down therefore not increasing the heat in the cord.

It might if the cord was accidentally brushed onto the burner whilst it was still very hot after having just been turned off but if this occurred a little while after, then it should not get to the point of melting the insulation and either catching fire and releasing toxic fumes at the same time or going so far as to short out to the stove top metal and create a different kind a hazard, i.e. electrocution

If the burners were on at the time then that is different. Plastic insulation has a melting point and if the cord is that close to the burners it will eventually get hot enough to melt and cause the problems as described above.

In any event, you are not crazy, just more aware of the highly likely consequences of what could happen.

It is a foolish and unnecessary thing to do. Why increase the risk of a fire or electrocution? If the stove top is on and the slow cooker is left unsupervised or even if it is being supervised, it doesn’t take long for a problem to occur. If it is off why get into the habit of doing it this way, one day you might get it wrong.

Does he like to gamble then, because that is what he’s doing with his actions in regard to this situation

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Get your boyfriends older brother a set of Gas Stove Burner Covers so the burners are covered.

Depending on the cords design it might melt on the still hot burner or directly ignite if within the heat of the flame.

For sure not very safe!


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