SD card malfunction, then brick


So today was quite a day. I was trying to update my 3DS (11.7) to the latest firmware safely, making sure that all my homebrew stuff still worked. I have Luma3DS for the CFW. Basically, what happened is I stuck the SD card into my computer, where it complained that it was in a RAW format it couldn’t read. This has never happened before, so I figured I had just forgotten to eject one time and it screwed up things. I used EaseUS to get all the data off it, reformatted the card, and put everything back on. Give or take a few hidden folders that are now visible, it’s exactly the same as it was before.

But the result of this is the exact same as when the card was corrupted in RAW -

with no SD card: it briefly turns on with the blue light and quickly turns back off. No screen or speaker activity.

with an SD card: it turns on and stays on, but the screen and speakers are blank. Waited about 10 minutes for the thing, but it stays the same.

Any thoughts? I saw another post with the same issue on an o3DS, but I’ve tried all solutions there to no avail.

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