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Released in February of 2006, the Dell Inspiron E1505 is a duo CPU widescreen laptop that boasts increased performance compared to the Inspiron 6000 that it replaces.

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My keyboard and. Mouse is not working

My mouse and keyboard are not working and I also would like to know how to factory reset

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Hi @spas ,

What OS is installed in the laptop?

You would need a working mouse and perhaps a keyboard before restoring the laptop.

Have you tried connecting a USB mouse and USB keyboard to the laptop, to see if they work OK?


@jayeff thank you and yes I have done that and it does not work


Hi @spas ,

Does the keyboard work when trying to get into BIOS?

Press F2 between the startup screen and before it boots into Windows.

If you get into BIOS check if you can navigate using the keyboard with the arrow keys and the function keys. At least this will prove that the keyboard works and that it is a possible OS problem

What OS is installed in the laptop??


Hi @jayeff I tried and no response do you know how to factory reset


Maybe that will do it I'm really not a computer genius


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Hi @spas ,

If you have no working keyboard (or touchpad) then you cannot reset the computer too easily as you need to issue some sort of directions to the computer, either by keyboard or touchpad input

Try a Power reset to see if restoring the BIOS to its’ factory default condition will enable the laptop to regain the keyboard and touchpad functions.

Here’s how to do that:

Make sure the laptop is turned off.

Disconnect the charger from the laptop (if connected)

Remove the battery from the laptop. Here’s how Dell Inspiron E1505 Battery Replacement.

Press and hold the laptop’s Power button for 10 seconds to remove any residual power from the laptop.

Reconnect the charger to the laptop and switch on the charger (leave the battery out at this stage).

Turn on the laptop by pressing the Power button as per normal.

When the laptop has booted all the way to the Windows desktop, check if the trackpad works.

If it does open a program such as the internet browser that you normally use e.g. IE11 or Chrome or Firefox or whatever you use in your laptop and type anything in the search box to check if the keyboard also works.

If it does then the reset of the BIOS has resolved the problem.

Turn off the laptop in the normal manner.

When it has completely shutdown, switch off and disconnect the charger and then re-insert the battery.

Reconnect and switch on the charger and then turn on the laptop.

When it has booted to the Windows desktop, check the charge status of the battery and if it is charging allow it to fully charge before switching off the charger and disconnecting it from the laptop.

If the keyboard and trackpad still don’t work after doing a Power reset. then you may have a motherboard problem

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