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Find repair and detailed information about the Samsung Refrigerator RS265B***, a side-by-side model with a built-in ice dispenser, released in 2006. This page covers information for model numbers matching the pattern RS265B***.

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Samsung RS265 side by side not dispensing water

Both the water dispenser and ice thermostat quit working over a short period of time. I replaced the ice maker, which solved the ice dumping issue, but I can’t figure out the water dispenser. Good water pressure on incoming lines, I replaced the water valve and have cleared the lines from valve to door, and can hear the water dispenser making noise when pressed. Would it be a bad relay somewhere that’s not allowing the water valve to open? If so, would it likely be on the dispenser or main circuit board?

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I have had a similar issue with my side by side fridge dispensing water and Yes mine was a solenoid relay in the back of the refrigerator always make sure to have the refrigerator unplugged when messing with electricity. Also on the back of the refrigerator should be a wiring diagram in a little plastic envelope taped to the back usually down on the bottom behind the plate for the compressor sits.

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