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The Ridgid 12 Volt drill/driver offers a compact, cordless unit capable of tackling projects within the office and household. This Hyper-Lithium powered drill bestows users with a longer lasting battery that doesn’t compromise on delivering strong torque output found across all Ridgid drill models.

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My drill has no torque. what can I do?

I bought this drill for my daughter and neither one of us know how to increase the drill’s power. Is there any one who can help me? Help!

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My drill have very low torque what can I do


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Turn the dial just above the bit to the highest setting. (The dial with the numbers on it). You should be able to get 250 lbs of torque on this model.

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Hi @mayer ,

Is this a student question or someone improving the repair guide (check their profile)?

Had one from someone else on the the same "team" today regarding a Toshiba Laptop and found they had asked 4 questions all at the same time (almost) asking how to fix different things in the laptop along with showing activity on the repair guide for the laptop



@mayer @jayeff anybody have any idea why this answer was downvoted ;-)


Hi @oldturkey03 ,

It was first voted up and then 2 seconds later it was voted down.

Perhaps he changed his mind or since he belongs to a student team he was playing around ;-)

Check the voting activity for this answer by the user


@jayeff shure looks like some indecisiveness ;-)


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