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Repair guides and support for printers and all-in-one print stations by Kodak.

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The black ink leaks

Why does the black ink leak

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I have a Kodak Office Hero 6.1. The printer leaves black smudges on the right hand edge of paper, from the top to the bottom. The heaviest smudges are at the top, and they get lighter as you go down the edge of the paper. I looked inside the printer and there is a lot of black ink all over the inside left hand side of the printer. I am going to take apart my printer so I can get a better look at what is going on and possibly clean out all of the errant ink inside. I think that a sponge that soaks up ink from the printer cleaning itself and the cartridges may have just filled up with ink and is no longer absorbing ink inside the printer. I will get back to you with a definite answer.

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If by “leak” you mean the ink cartridge itself has ink dripping out, then the printer needs a new cartridge.

However, if the black ink smudges on printed pages, then it could be one of two things:

  1. The printer’s fusing assembly needs replacing. The fusing assembly uses heat and pressure to “fuse” the ink to the paper.
  2. The printer paper that is currently being used is not the specific type of paper that the printer manufacturer designated for use with that printer. The “wrong” type of paper can cause poor contact between the paper and the ink, causing it to leak off the paper. The printer’s manual should list the type of printer paper that the manufacturer wants.

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