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The Sega Game Gear portable gaming device was released in 1991 in competition with the Nintendo Game Boy.

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Capacitor problem, choosing capacitor

Good Day!!!

The board is vr1 version of sega game gear. I can't find a 33uf, 0.47uf, 4.7uf, 22uf, 68uf capacitor can I use higher value? Thanks in advance!!

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Hi @faustrepair ,

You cannot use higher values than what the circuit design requires. It will change the characteristics of how the circuit operates (if it still will operate that is) if you do.

The type and values of the capacitors were selected for a reason when the circuit was designed

Did you check on places such as this?

Also you’ll have to know a bit more that just the capacitance value. Such as working voltage, what type of capacitor, physical size etc.

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