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Repair guides and support for laptops manufactured by MSI.

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MSI GL73 8RD-201 Chassis removal

Does anyone know how to safely remove chassis from MSI laptop GL73 8RD-201 without damaging plastic tabs?

I’m confident I can just force it off but I dont want cosmetic damage on this particular one since it’s my friend’s.

Thanks much!

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Thank you for the reply

I should have mentioned that my issue is the step immediately following the removal of the screws.

I guess there are tabs holding it together on the edges.

Trying from the palm rest never crossed my mind.

Thank you for giving me a new angle!


Did this work? I'm currently trying to open mine and cannot figure it out


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I watched a youtube tutorial of a similar laptop.

Remove the screws at the bottom.

Use credit card or guitar pick to pry between hte edges.

It is as simple as that but I haven’t found a way to guarantee that the tabs wont break.

Maybe a heat gun or something to soften the plastic will allow it to flex rather than snap.

Otherwise this works to open it.

Thanks everyone.

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MSI is difficult as they do not provide any servicing details to the public and expect you to service it through an MSI authorized shop. Have you already taken all of the screws out of the back and separated the palm rest from the bottom panel? Gaming laptops tend to be a little misleading, with things such as hidden screws, or something that slides in a clip weird. Also, it's common to have a skeleton that everything attaches to from both sides as well as a palm rest and bottom panel.

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