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The Breville BCG600SIL, also called the Breville Dose Control Pro, is a coffee grinder produced by Breville. It is also available under the brand name "Sage".

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Plugged to 240v-50hz outlet


I plugged my grinder to wrong outlet (the correct one is 120v-60hz) and then somthing burned, do you know if the grinder has some fuse for such cases or that my grinder is dead? Do you know how to fix this?

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Just to add to the good answer above by @oldturkey03, here’s an image slightly enlarged from the teardown guide.

On your board look for the two components highlighted in the image.

In the red box shown by the arrow, I think is the fuse (use an Ohmmeter to check if it is still OK). If it is blown, the markings on it will give its’ value.

In the blue box is a MOV surge suppressor which may or may not be damaged. If it is damaged hopefully you can still make out the markings on it to know what value replacement to get. Try not to rub them out with your fingers ;-)

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

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Barak Obama  this is most likely a damage power board and not a bad fuse. you will have to try and disassemble your grinder to get to the board. Then evaluate for burned parts/traces etc. This BCG600SIL Teardown might help you with that. Post some images of that damage with your question so we can try and help you further.

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The grinder turned out just fine, and when I tried to start grinding things got wrong. Do you think the engine might be damaged?

If it is the power board that got damaged, what can I do about it?

Thanks for your answer!


If it is the power board (which is most likely the part that took the overvoltage) then we have to see if we can find and replace failed components. Remember that a lot of times those components are really inexpensive and fixing those could keep your grinder going for plenty more years.


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