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Micro SD storage cards manufactured by Samsung Group.

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256GB SD card is read as 268GB and cannot mount?


I have a Samsung EVOPlus 256GB microSDXC card that I bought new, and formatted (Apple HFS on MacBook Pro 13” 2015 with MacOS 10.14.2) and was able to use for a few days fine (although it seemed a touch slow).

Now my computer is unable to mount the card (“This disk is not readable'“), although it shows up in Disk Utility as a greyed out internal physical volume with a capacity of 268.44GB. I’ve tried First Aid, but it says there’s an “Invalid key length”.

The stuff (about 3GB worth) on here hasn’t been backed up anywhere else yet, so I really want to try and save it all.

Any advice or tips? I don’t even understand how the system suddenly decided the card gained an extra few gigs!?

Thanks for any help you can give,


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FYI - High Sierra & Mojave both auto format flash & SSD drives with APFS file system which is different on how HFS+ works. For compatibility I strongly recommend you reformat the flash to exFAT so it works with your phone or camera.


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You’ll need to give a file recovery app a try like Data Recue 5

After you salvage your stuff you’ll want to re-format the SD back to exFAT. You really want to leave it running exFAT.

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maybe try mounting it with terminal

diskutil list

then find your sd card in the list and type

sudo diskutil mount diskXsX

where x is the disk and partition number

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Just try to plug it in other mac with lower system if its readable, so you may know if the sd card has the problem or your system. because i have an issue with my external HDD cannot be read in 10.14.2 but readable in 10.11 and 10.12.

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