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Laptops manufactured by Panasonic.

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How do I replace the hard drive?

Quite simply, how to get at and replace the hard drive on the Panasonic Toughbook CF Y7


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I can help you in this matter but i need the entire model number.

here is an example ...CF-Y7BWAYZJM

== Update ==

The shield unscrews from the external HDD cover your holding when you remove the hard drive, this is mostly a sensor for moisture and and emi shield. gently remove the tape and unscrew the metal cover. make sure not to damage the foam pads. if you need replacement parts please include the model number and ill be able to get you toe oem part number. I own a cf-18 and looking through all my service manuals they all have pretty much the same outer circuit (the yellow tape looking circuit.) over the hard drive. ive sucessfully upgraded my HDD with a western digital just make sure the G-rating is high enough on the replacement HDD. there is a HDD cover plate on the bottom and a complete teardown is not required for this upgrade.


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Here is a link on replacing the hard drive in your computer. Good luck.


Just saw the age of this question--hope the info is still useful.

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There should be a panel on the bottom that's held i with screws. Simply remove the screws and you'll have access. If not, might have to dig into the machine the long way...

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