Using the torch head and bub (LED replacement) in a project

Hi, I’m working on a sculpture which I started almost 2 decades ago. It fits a mini maglite torch. For exhibition purposes I’d now like to use the head, the bulb (an LED replacement from eBay) and add a resistor (and wire to a transformer).

Can you tell me how to go about dismantling the body/battery enclosure? The end of that has the two pin socket to take the bulb and must have contacts and I’m guessing a resistor under the cap which I’d like to use. I’m worried to leaver the cap off since it might just snap. Which is the best way in?

All my best,

Thanks, Tom

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So, looking for a way to make it work without the battery / barrel... which is most of the torch! and save the essential bits so I can power it from a wire... for exhibition purposes.


It’s ok, I got it. But here’s a link to the schematic for the AA Mini Maglite, in case you visit here and its useful.


The only tricky thing was a reference to the “Switch Repair Tool”… but any long flat ended thing, like a piece of dowel, does fine.



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