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Vertical colored lines appear randomly

My tv screen shows vertical lines sometimes and even turning off and on again doesn't fix it. It does not depend on the video source, as it also exist on the tv menus. So it has to be a hardware failure, but I want to learn what can cause this and how to debug it. The lines move (when the image moves) and their colors correspond to the actual colors of the image that should which should be visible.

The effect can be seen here, but that is not my tv. It just shows the same symptoms: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YMbDogJr...

TV Model: Philips 55PFL6007K/12

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@onycro it is possible that it is the T-con board but the lines are bigger than I see on failed t-con board. It could also be a main board error or panel failure. I’d be prepared to replace the main board as well.

Block Image

BTW, Philips love to use chassis number instead of model numbers. Your TV is a QFU2.1E LA chassis

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Thanks, I will replace my T-Con Board now.


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It’s probably the T-con board in your TV. If you open up the TV there should be a model number on the metal housing of the display panel, probably with the LG logo on it. If you can find that and take a picture of it, that would be super helpful.

I’m fairly certain that this is the right T-con for your TV, but I want to be absolutely sure before you order it.

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Yes this is the correct T-Con Board for my TV.


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