SM 950U 4G Ant Problem

4 G Ant is or has gone out completely on SM 9500 U (S8 T-Mobile) I am Novice in repair and have previously changed out the daughter board and LCD Assy and 4g has been fine until recently I dropped phone into hot tub . After giving some off time , opened up and dryed on low heat with heat gun and aired out over a few days . It powers on and gets wifi , but cannot connect to 4G and has trouble seeing some Bluetooth hostnames and only reads MAC addresses. Of course I have all basic resets and then tried factory reset / complete wipe/ Reinstalled Stock ROM. Also tried a new Sim Card. So ….my question is where is the 4G chip and or ANT located , I cannot seem to find good information. Hoping it is not part of the Mainboard and if not can it be replaced independently . Thanks in advance. Part Numbers if you please would be greatly appreciated.

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