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The Nikon Coolpix B500 superzoom point and shoot camera was released in 2016

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pictures are extremely overexposed all of a sudden

Yesterday I dropped my camera (I know big error) and today when I am trying to use it the pictures are coming out very overexposed while I am outside. Inside the pictures are still over exposed but not as bad. I’m hoping I did not break the camera and there is something I might be able to do. I have tried adjusting the setting with no change to the photos.

The first image is inside, the second is outside

Block Image

Block Image

thank you in advance

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When you dropped the device, you probably damaged one of the sensors that controls the exposure automatically. Thus, leading to the overexposure in the images outside and inside.

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is there a way to fix this?


Was there a lens cap or a lens on it?


when I dropped it? the lens cap was on, the lens on the camera is not removable that I know of


Even if the lens was able to be removed, you would damage the focus on the camera, because you would have to line it up perfectly, you could possibly go in through the back, but you could still damage the focus.


so dont try to do it myself :p thank you !


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