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Kam im Juni 2016 auf den Markt, in Europa anhand der Modellnummer A3003 zu identifizieren, in China und Nordamerika mit A3000 (entsprechend https://forums.oneplus.net/threads/oneplus-3-regions-model-numbers.452381/)

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Won't boot after LCD replacement.

Dear IFixIt community

After replacing my LCD my one plus 3 wont boot.

When I plug it into the wall, it does charge and the LCD powers on with the battery charging icon. Vibration working and everything. But when pressing the power button, it won’t power on.

Could this be a problem with the volume buttons & lock buttons failing? How do I check that it is that and not a faulty motherboard/daughterboard?

Kind regards and thank you


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If you replaced it ( you opened it up) open it again and check the connections you messed with it could be the battery isn't fully connected as you should disconnect during a repair to avoid damage from power still being in the board. If someone else replaced it (paid a shop or company) take it back and have them fix it. It should be free for them to fix it as they broke that part of the phone or failed to repair it properly and should honor they're work.

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Dead mister Parrish

I did the repair myself.

I just checked the battery, it is fully connected and pushed it again. Still with no luck.

I don't think the problem is with the battery, as it does charge and show up on the LCD when plugging in, it just won't power up. So my best guess is that the buttons are broken.

Thanks for your answer!

Kind regards


Any Idea on how I could check that?


While your in there take a look and see if the silicone dome for the button has been moved or fell out during the repair. And try to short that contact to force the board into thinking the power button was pressed. If shorting the button works then something is missing or damaged if it doesn't work then your problems lie elsewhere.


Hey Sean

Thanks again for your answer.

Seems like the phone was botting, but the screen seems to be studdering, going on and off when I hold it in a sertain position. This was happening before I fixed the screen.

I did check all the contacts, could this mean a dead motherboard/daughterboard?

Is there any way to check what is broken or what is not?

Thanks agian.



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Before changing my display of my oneplus 3t phone was working fine no battery issues. But after changing display my battery percentage is stuck at 0% and it's not moving up My phone is working perfectly fine when plugged in with the charger. But switches off when charger is removed.

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