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Repair guides and support for the eighth generation of Ford F-Series trucks: the F-150, F-250, F-350, and F-Super Duty.

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My 1987 ford f150 needs help

hi my 1987 ford f150 is not currently running because i haft to hold down the key to keep the the starter running to keep the moter running ive tried replacing the coil,alternator, soloniod, ignition switch and actuator , and also the battery if anyone can give me an answer plz let me know

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You have two sources of power to the coil. One is when the engine is cranking and the other is when the key is in the run position.

You have no electric power in the run position to the coil.

Possible reasons are fuse to ignition burnt, broken wire to the coil or shorted wire causing ignition fuse to burn.

You will have to find and fix this wire or replace the fuse.


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