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Why wont my starter rope pull?

Hi, so I started a DIY mini ATV project with a 49cc pocket bike engine about a year ago. I started it once, then it sat in my garage for a while. The other day, I tried to start it again. When I tried to start it, the pull rope came out a bit then got stuck. I tried to pull harder, but it wouldn’t move. I took the pull start assembly off, and it pulled fine. The starter flywheel turned when I used a tool to push it. But as soon as I put the pull start assembly back on, it wouldn’t pull. Does anyone know what is wrong and how I could fix it?

Thanks in advance!

P.S I am only 13, so if the fix is obvious don’t judge. I don’t know much about this stuff.

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There are a number of things that can cause a starter rope to get stuck. If the engine has sat for a good bit the first thing I would do if it’s difficult to pull is remove the spark plug and ease the compression until I was able to get oil to start lubricating the cylinder again.

This could be a case of the cylinder isn’t lubricated due to sitting for a long time.


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By lubricating, if you mean when I take the spark plug off to pour a tiny bit of oil/gas into the cylinder, I have tried that. Do you think it might just need to be lubricated more?


Yes, that is what i meant. the spark plug out means little to no compression. So if it still wont move and you have let some penetrating oil and etc. sit on it for sometimes days.

and you are sure that the mechanism for the pull starter is functioning correctly i would see if when it is removed if I could twist the main shaft and get it moving using some leverage and a wrench.

At that point, if I could not get the main shaft or piston to move with the spark plug out. I would suggest that you are likely going to have to pull it all apart and inspect each part directly.


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