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Die fünfte Generation des Moto E Smartphones, veröffentlicht im Mai 2018. Modellnummer XT1944 und XT1920DL.

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Why does my phone black out when making a call

My E5 consistently blacks out when making a call so it makes it hard for people to hear me can’t hit the volume or microphone icon, but also seems to be effecting the voice reception on the other end. Not good as I am senior alone most of the time. This is a recent purchase…

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probably a soft wear issue try resetting the phone.

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What do you mean when you say the phone blacks out? Do you mean the screen goes black? This is what is suppose to happen. When you place the phone up to your ear the screen will turn off so you aren’t hitting button on the screen. If you are using the phone in speaker phone mode this could be part of the reason people are having a head time hearing you. The microphone one the likely isn’t that great so you would need to be fairly close to it. The only other think I can think of that would cause poor reception is if you are not getting a good signal to your cellular provider. Since it is a recent purchase, it could also be a defective unit.

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Thank you for your quick responses, when I try to call out the screen goes black and I can not adjust the microphone, and most of the time people can not hear me when I call. When someone calls me I am able to adjust the microphone. I do live in the mountain area , but reception usually has been good up to this last month when the black out screen started occurring along with poor reception. This Motorola has up to lately been fine and never black out. ????

I will see if I can call out and ask mortorola techs or call my cell carrier.

Thank you again for your insight.


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