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The Nextbook Ares 8A is an Android tablet released March 2017.

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after factory reset, how do I set it up to use my email and passwoed

my neighbor gave me his nextbook ares 8a. i did a factory reset on it and tried to set it up as new. i put in my gmail address ans password and its not working. What can i do to set it up with my email address

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You must have got the wrong email address or password there is no real way around this.

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how can i set it up for my own email and password?


You cant until you get the password from before. This is to block people from taking other people's tablets. Why don't you ask your neighbor for the password?


There is no other way to get in to it!


i think he gave me the wrong one. if and when i do get in, how do i synce with my phone?


thank you for your help


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