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Die vierte Generation des Surface Pro Tablets, erschienen am 26. Oktober 2015

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Microsoft Surface Pro 4 not charging

I have a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and a Microsoft Surface Pro 5 and both are not charging. We tried different AC Adapters, different plugs, etc. We took it to the Microsoft Store and they swapped out the chargers but still the same issue. When we connect the charger no light comes on. For a while we were getting the low battery symbol but now that it is completely dead, we have nothing.

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Is this after a screen replacement?

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no, no work has been done. We were using it, put it in our bag and it had the symbol for low battery. We thought it might be a bad AC Adapter but we tried a few.


@frankvianzon Were you able to find a solution? I have a surface pro with the same issue. It just suddenly stopped accepting a charge and doesn't even get any power when connected to the charging adapter.


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