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Repair guides and support information for Azpen tablets.

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a azpen x1060, 10.1 os Tablet, will not charge! New.

Set up, battery symbol comes up red, but not charging, new out of box!

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How long did you leave the charger connected for?

If the device has been in storage for a while the battery may have become depleted beyond recovery.

Try leaving the charger connected for 3-4 hours and check if it begins to charge.

If it does start to charge allow it to fully charge before commencing to use it.

Also when first starting to use it, do not let the battery get too low i.e. <40%, before recharging it.

If it doesn’t start charging after this, then return the device for a refund or replacement.

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Took back, bad port or ? Little blue light upper left, never came on. Had store open and make sure the new, new one worked! Now issues with keyboard! Mercy, the discounted, Shopko , close out , may not be worth it! Thank You for your response.


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If it came right out of the box there is a very good chance that it was broken when thy made it so it’s not your fault. Try using a different plug, wire and adapter.

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FWIW, I also bought one of these on a discount close-out from Shopko. When I bought it I asked about warranty and they assured me that it was covered by the manufacturer’s warranty (1 year).

It worked great for about 3 weeks, and I really liked it. I recharged it overnight Saturday night and come Sunday morning it wouldn’t turn on at all.

I contacted Azpen and they said that they are NOT honoring the warranty on units purchased at Shopko, because Shopko is in bankruptcy, and has never paid them for the purchase of the units! They suggested I contact Shopko and of course Shopko says “too bad, so sad, no refunds”.

So, I am going to have to dispute the charge on my credit card. What a pain in the BEHIND!

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