Can I still use my laptop (post water spillage)

Quick back story; 2-3 weeks ago, I’ve spilled a good amount of water in my XPS 15. I’ve only gotten a chance to send it to the repair center the next week. (note: I have done all the things that will prevent further damage right after the spill except for turning it on like 5 mins after due to anxiety.) They sent me pictures of the corrosion that build in the system and through phone call they told me that the xps will break 2 weeks or less the moment I use it again. now I got it back.

As of today, the main components that were affected were the speakers and the keyboard. There is no sound in the speakers and the keyboard is still working.

I have asked reddit for some opinions to the matter and responded slightly positively as long as the corrosion will be cleaned out.

I will take my xps to other service centers to hear their opinions.

I have a google drive link for the corrosion and damages before they cleaned it out.

(note: As far as I know, these are the only components affected)

EDIT: I would like to add a sound quite similar to coil whine when the laptop is working harder than browsing the internet (It sounds like something’s cookin’). A ringing sound is also present but I think that’s just normal? It also gets hot in the left side (facing up) just above the battery, when charging the device turned off.

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